As the importance of industrial designs to industry has increased, so has Young & Thompson's active participation and leadership in securing and enforcing U.S. design patents. Today, well over one hundred new U.S. design patent applications are filed each year through our Firm.


In its earlier days, Young & Thompson's activities in the design field grew alongside those of its clients, as the Firm secured protection for designs of the pioneering industrial designers, including the French/American industrial designer Raymond Loewy and many others.


Today, the ornamental appearance of all manner of commercial articles is protected from imitation by the intervention of our Firm. Design protection touches upon all subject areas of technical endeavor, which in our practice includes cameras, health care products, jewelry, containers for perfume and beverages, consumer audio products, in addition to various other articles.


The standards for patentability and infringement of U.S. design patents differ in material respects from those for utility patents, and it is therefore important to entrust design matters to practitioners with particular experience in this field. Young & Thompson is a recognized authority in U.S. design patent law. Owing to the international nature of our practice, we are especially well acquainted with the special problems that occasionally arise when protection for designs created overseas is sought in the U.S.



Associate: Jeffrey M. Goehring