Our predecessor firm was founded in 1903 as the Office of Emil Bönnelycke.  As Mr. Bönnelycke's practice grew and prospered, he took on other attorneys so as better to serve the needs of his clients.  When Mr. Bönnelycke passed away in 1936, his then junior partners William H. Young, Gustav H. Emery, and Irvin S. Thompson succeeded to his practice under the name Young, Emery & Thompson.  After Mr. Emery's departure from the firm in 1956, the firm assumed its present name, which the ensuing partners have elected not to change.

Emil Bönnelycke

Emil Bönnelycke, the founder of our predecessor firm, was born in Odder, Denmark on October 27, 1875. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1903 and founded the Office of Emil Bönnelycke. Mr. Bönnelycke secured U.S. patents for many of the pioneering overseas inventors of the early twentieth century, including those of Georges Claude, founder of the French company L'Air Liquide. Mr. Bönnelycke was registered to practice before the U.S. Patent Office as registered patent attorney No. 6,847. He passed away in 1936, at age 61.

William Hugh Young

Mr. Young was born in 1902. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, and his law degree from the Washington College of Law (now the American University Law School). He was admitted to the bar of the District of Colombia in 1931. Mr. Young was senior partner of the Firm from 1936 until he passed away in 1958.

Gustav Harold ("Gus") Emery

Mr. Emery shown here (in his only known photograph) enjoying some refreshment during a break from his work, was a partner in Young & Thompson from 1936 until he left the Firm in 1956. His practice included work on behalf of a substantial number of German clients.

Irvin Stewart Thompson

Mr. Thompson joined Mr. Bönnelycke’s office in 1931, and was a partner in the Firm from 1936 until his retirement in 1975. Born in 1903, Mr. Thompson worked for a time as a patent examiner in the late 1920’s while attending law school at George Washington University, where he had previously earned his chemical engineering degree. Mr. Thompson passed away in 1979, and continues to be remembered fondly by us and by many of our associates who knew him and worked with him over the years.

This is an image from the specification of a Patent that Emil Bönnelycke wrote for Henry C. Karr that issued in 1921.


Patent number 1,384,071 relates to an improved stand for holding a pocket watch.