Many of us patent practitioners indulge our particular hobbies and interests by tracing the historical development of a given product or technology through its associated patent literature.  This can lead to some interesting collections of old patents in particular fields.  Although this pastime has been made infinitely easier with the availability of online resources such as Espacenet and Google Patents, the particular compilations remain very much a labor of love and an individual expression of the interests of the compiler.

Thus the IP Museum seeks to tap into that enthusiasm, and intends to serve as a forum for sharing such collections among our colleagues and any others who might be interested.  We intend that this site will include various series of noteworthy patents relating to single topics (e.g., bicycles, radios, etc.) as well as individual patents that must be seen to be believed.


The larger potential of the IP Museum lies in the willingness of aficionados of historical patents everywhere to share their own special collections with us and those who visit this site.  We, therefore, invite and encourage you to send us samples from your own collection, and we will periodically update this site to feature some of these contributions. Enjoy!


For contributions to the IP Museum, please use Contact Form or email embon@Young-Thompson.com 

Patent copies should be in .pdf format.  Patents of interest from any national patent office, and in any language, are welcome.  If yours is a large collection, then please consider sending it to us on a flash drive so as not to overburden your or our e-mail server.



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