Young & Thompson's Litigation and Licensing Group has a proven track record of successfully representing our clients in dispute resolution both in court and in arbitration forums. In addition, the Group has drafted and negotiated a large number of licenses involving various products and diverse industries.


Although Young & Thompson has been engaged in litigation and licensing for many years, through a close association with Douglas V. Rigler and colleagues at a major corporate law firm, Mr. Rigler recently joined the Firm as a partner to bring all of these activities in-house. Since the in-house organization of the Group, it has expanded to include other experienced litigators and commercial transaction attorneys.


Although the Litigation and Licensing Group is experienced in dispute resolution both in court and in arbitration, and although it enjoys an excellent win/loss record, Mr. Rigler and the Group are well aware that settlement is frequently the best method of resolving a dispute, provided the terms are favorable or acceptable to our clients. In several recent instances, the Firm has been able to obtain greater relief for our client through settlement, than a court would have been authorized to grant after a victory at trial. In advising with respect to dispute resolution strategy, the Group maintains an awareness of the cost-benefit ratio of various options, and endeavors to perform its services in a manner to avoid unnecessary fees and expenses to the client.


The Group has seen that careful attention to the provisions of license agreements early in the drafting and negotiation process, often avoids costly mistakes or future disputes. It is the Group's perception that the ready acceptance of what are improperly termed "standard licenses" can work to the disadvantage of a client. The Group takes its counseling responsibilities as important, and believes that it has been successful in negotiating licenses which offer solid financial benefits to our clients. The Group also is experienced in the formation of joint ventures and associated commercial transactions.



Managing Partner: Andrew J. Patch

Partner: Douglas V. Rigler

Associate: Jeffrey M. Goehring

Senior ParalegalRyan Carter