All areas of technical subject matter are regularly handled by the attorneys at Young & Thompson. We file over 1,700 new utility patent applications per year.


The hallmark of our practice is producing patents of the highest quality in close collaboration with our overseas professional associates and direct corporate clients. Applications entrusted to our office are shepherded through the Patent Office by our skilled and experienced practitioners and paralegal staff, who monitor the correct progress of each case throughout its pendency.


We deal expertly and effectively with the U.S. Patent Examiners (a number of our attorneys and agents are former patent examiners) to gain allowance of the broadest possible valid patent claims. The location of our office within several minutes’ walk to the U.S. Patent Office allows us frequent personal contact with the examining corps without substantial added cost to our clients. In the relatively infrequent instance where agreement with the Examiner cannot be reached, our record of success on appeal greatly exceeds the average.


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