Vacuum Cleaner

The first vacuum cleaner was invented by Daniel Hess in 1860.  Early Vacuum cleaners were hand operated and involved the use of bellows.  By early 1900, gasoline and electric powered Vacuum cleaners began to be developed.  Vacuum cleaners remained a luxury item until shortly after World War II when their use became widespread.  Click on the links below to view some patents of note regarding the development of the Vacuum Cleaner.




Invention                                                                                           Filing Date                          Patent (PDF)


Carpet Sweeper                                                                                    06/10/1860                               Download

(No. 29,077 to D. Hess)​

Improved Sweeping Machine                                                             06/08/1869                               Download

(No. 91,145 to I. McGaffey)​

Improvement in Carpet Sweepers                                                     12/03/1877                               Download

(No. 199,612 to M. Bissell)​

Pneumatic Carpet Renovator                                                              11/14/1898                              Download

(No. 634,042 to J. Thurman)​

Improvements relating to the Extraction of Dust                             08/30/1901                              Download

from Carpets and other Materials

(GB No. 17,433 to H. Booth)​

Separator for Apparatus for removing Dust                                     02/08/1902                              Download

(No. 739,263 to D. Kenney)​ 

Improvements in Vacuum Apparatus for Removing                       10/20/1905                               Download

Dust from Carpets and for other like purposes

(GB No. 21,304 to W. Griffiths)​

Dust Removing Apparatus                                                                   10/31/1906                               Download

(No. 867,006 to H. Bogenschild)​

Carpet Sweeper and Cleaner                                                               09/14/1907                               Download

(No. 889,823 to J. Spangler)​