Young & Thompson is a full service intellectual property (IP) law firm with first tier licensing and litigation capability focused on representing international companies in US IP matters, transactions and disputes.

Unlike most mid-sized intellectual property law firms in the United States we can handle IP matters all the way through to litigation without having to move the litigation externally to a more expensive general practice firm.


Our firm is world renowned for finding elegant solutions to difficult problems by collaborating with our colleague, bringing to bear the collective experience and expertise of 100 year old practice. We focus on our client’s needs and seek to add value, which requires recognizing the value of the work done by our clients such that we add value as needed, and charge for our work on that basis.   We also maximize the proportion of our attorney time spent on the challenging and substantive aspects of IP law and are an industry leader in relation to new technologies, procedures and achieving legal precedents.


As a result of our approach, we have represented the same clients for much of our 100 year history and developed original approaches and procedures which are constantly being refined to maximize results, efficiency and cost effectiveness for our clients.